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Do you need to sell your used crane? One of the reputable websites listed below can place your used crane for sale in an ad online, and distribute the crane listing it to millions of viewers, including those visiting

While we do not endorse any single provider of online crane for sale, we want to provide you a means to sell your crane from The following websites are well known for providing good advertising for both used and new cranes

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There are many different options to choose from when considering how to sell your crane. You can send your crane to auction where you can hope someone gets into a bidding war over it and brings the sale price over what it is worth. Or you might not get so lucky and the crane might not get the type of attention you are hoping for because the right type of buyers didn’t show up and the crane does not sell for what you expected. Typically auctions that sell your crane for you will charge a percentage of the sale. This commission usually ranges between 10%-15% of the purchase price. Auctions are the guaranteed method of selling your crane but not the guaranteed way of getting your desired price.

Another way is to bring the crane to a crane dealer or a crane broker. This way you can expect to pay a fee for the services for selling your used crane. Many dealers charge a percentage of the sale price and some will just charge you a set fee. This process can expose your crane to many customers walking through their dealerships, and also exposes your crane for sale to customers getting service work done on their cranes to possibly replace their equipment with more suitable equipment like yours. This process usually requires the seller of the crane to deliver the crane to the dealer and loose the use of the machine. If you have a boom truck for sale, an all terrain crane for sale, or a truck crane for sale this may not be too much of a problem. On the other hand if your trying to sell a crawler crane or a rough terrain crane for sale you need to factor in the cost of the trucking.

Crane brokers who sell your crane are also a common method for equipment liquidation. A crane broker or equipment broker typically has many contacts in the construction industry and runs across many crane buyers in their line of work. Which can make the sale of your crane fast and virtually headache free, with an added benefit of continuing to allow you to use your crane while it is being marketed and sold. These brokers usually do all of the leg work for you by listing your crane on websites like,,,,,, and the crane broker will take all of the phone calls and answer all of the questions the buyers may have. Selling your crane through a crane broker is often a good route if you have a tower crane for sale or a bridge crane for sale. since these can be difficult to disassemble and transport to a crane dealer.

Finally if you don’t mind a little extra work you can sell a crane yourself. Parking a crane in front of your business with a for sale sign is one method but you don’t exactly find crane buyers driving by every day looking for your exact crane. Placing your crane for sale on line will make the selling process much faster for you. By placing an add online will reach your target market instantly and allow you to ask a good market rate for your equipment. This will also save you a lot of money selling your crane yourself because the only thing you will have to pay for is to post the add online
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